I Love Torturing My Med School Students With Footage Recorded With Loupe Cameras

It’s a sad reality in the medical field that quite a few people want to become doctors, but not that many make it through med school. Some don’t pass simply because they do not have the brains, talent, work ethic, or character for the profession.

On the other hand, some do not make it because when they start getting into the actual responsibilities and functions of the profession, they quickly realize it is not for them.

At my Med School, which will not be named for privacy reasons, we try and isolate those students that demonstrate the potential to change their minds in the first semester so we can provide them alternative options. That is the reason why I love showing these students high-caliber surgical footage taken with loupe cameras from actual operations, and I do it from day one if I can.

They’ll be sitting there expecting orientation and guidelines of class attendance, and I’ll just dim the lights and launch right into camera footage of a device recording some drunk driver’s midsection being slit open to extract part of his engine after a wreck.

The squeamish students are easy to spot. After we know who they are, we figure out fast if we can help them past their discomfort or if we need to encourage them in another direction. We need our classroom seats going to those who are going to actually make it.  Plus, we want to support all students wanting to be in med school.

So, how does a loupe camera actually work?  First, you have to have background knowledge of what a loupe is.  They are frequently used in the medical and dental fields to magnify what it is you are looking at.  The camera is an added tool to allow recording of the procedures for learning and training.


The added benefit of recording such procedures, is exactly the reason stated above.  It is perfect for testing those med school students from the start on whether they can handle what is required of them in the medical profession.  Highly recommended and entertaining!