Build Stronger Abs, Legs And Glutes Using Ankle Straps

Many people who go to the gym neglect training their lower body. In most cases, their reason for this is that the legs are usually covered anyway, so there’s no point in making them look better. But your lower body serves as your foundation, allowing you to stay upright and withstand pressure placed upon your upper body. Working out isn’t all about aesthetics, but you still wouldn’t want to be that one guy (or girl) with “chicken legs.”

If gym-goers find it hard to develop their legs, what more if you’re just exercising at home? Thankfully, there’s now one handy piece of gym equipment which you can use even at home to train your legs as well as your abs and glutes for a complete lower body workout: ankle straps. If this is your first time to hear about ankle straps, you’re definitely not alone. These straps aren’t very popular and not all gyms have them, but an increasing number of people are becoming acquainted to the straps and loving the many benefits they provide.

Ankle straps are typically made of nylon. There’s also a padded lining to provide comfort while training. You simply slip your feet through and adjust the straps, usually by adjusting the Velcro binding. The straps also come with a D-ring, which you can attach to the cable machine for different kinds of exercises. The D-ring can be connected to most gym cables, but in cases where it doesn’t, you can simply use a snap hook to solve the issue.

There’s a plethora of exercises which you can do using ankle straps. The name could be a little misleading, as you might think that it’s used to train the ankles specifically. But you can use the strap for a complete lower body workout. You can search videos online which illustrate specific exercises you can do with the ankle straps and a cable weight machine. You can target your glutes, thighs, hips and even your abs. Those who want to flatten their stomach will surely love the versatility.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to use the ankle strap if you don’t have a cable machine at home, there’s an easy workaround for this. You can simply use a resistance cable as an alternative. Wrap the cable around a sturdy post somewhere in your home then attach the D-ring to the cable’s handles. Use a snap hook if the D-ring can’t do the job. You can also use the ankle strap at home as a means to provide support for your ankles.

These straps are a great piece of gym equipment that anyone can benefit from, regardless of fitness level. Its versatility allows you to train different areas of your lower body, particularly the legs, glutes and abs. On top of all this, ankle straps are very affordable. It’s an excellent investment which can help bring you closer to your fitness goals, whether you’re working out at the gym or simply training at home.